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I am Spot, the chimpanzee.

I am 3 years old. 3 years and 53days.

The sign infront of my cage says I will live to be about 39 years.

I hear them read it out loud every day.

The nonhairy people. They read it to their little ones. Some of them are 3, like me.

The ones that come back all the time to look at me.

To take pictures.

To laugh out loud, if I make a funny face. (Sometimes I do, if I am in the mood)

They come back cause their children like the playground.

They do have a great slide there. I would love to slide on it once too.

They eat icecream and candy cotton. They sit and laugh. And when time is up, they leave.

The next day there will be new people. Reading out loud what it sais on the sign. Chimpazees can reach an age of 39.

I am 3 year and 54 days old now.

I look left and see the other sort of hairy friends, their sign says they are called gorillas.

They can live up to 40 years.

That is what the nonhairy people read out loud. I hear them every day.

I wonder how old that one is, who always stands at the side of the bars. He usually never moves, when the sun is out, it shines there, I guess he likes the warmth.

I wonder what his name is, and if we would make good friends, if the bars where gone?

We could slide together, and maybe eat icecream.

And to my right? The sign says that they are called silver monkeys. They are so fast, I don’t know how many live there.

They do look very busy, jumping around and making loud noises all day long. Somedays so loud. My head starts hurting.

Wizzing around like madones. I am sure, if the bars where gone, they would be so fast, I would never see any of them again.

That would be fine with me, I would sit here with my friend and maybe inspect the trees outside of this strange area full of bars and walls.

The sign also says they live to be about 15years. And that the Amazonas is their home. I wonder why they are here and not home? They sure behave as if they are ready to go, any minute.

Not much to see otherwise. I can hear noises from all over the place. But I have no idea who they are. How they look and what I am doing here in the first place?

Well, well, let’s focus on the nonhairy people who will arrive soon.

I am 3years and 55days old today. So I do have some years to go.

To listen to the nonhairy people reading out my sign.

To watch the little nonhairy people use the fantastic and funlooking slide.

To make a funny face if I am in the mood.

To watch the sunloving one to my left.

To wait.

And wait

And wait

And wait

Then die.

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